5 top VPS provider in India

One of the top technologies, virtual private server (VPS) hosting combines aspects and benefits of both dedicated server and common shared web hosting. It is more cost-effective, quicker, responsive, and user-friendly. For individuals who want a dedicated server but cannot afford one, getting their own virtual server environment is a wise solution. Full control over the operating system is granted to the webmaster or site owner, who is also given a portion of important resources like CPU cores, storage capacity, and RAM. This indicates that each site resides in a separate server space.

Multiple websites are housed on a single server by VPS hosting providers, which lowers operating costs. In comparison to dedicated hosting, the monthly or annual costs received are considerably lower. Depending on the necessary configuration, the cost each month ranges from $20 to $100.

The majority of VPS hosting companies typically offer Linux-based operating systems, but if you look around for your website a little more, you might find several that also offer Windows-based VPS hosting. In order to save a little money, it is advised to choose Linux-based VPS hosting if your website does not require a Microsoft-compatible environment.

Here are the top 5 VPS hosting companies for 2022.


eWebGuru is a top-notch VPS hosting service that has become one of the best in the hosting sector in 2022. It provides small businesses with tailored plans without trying to drain their bank accounts. It is ideal for new webmasters who are less familiar with hosting technologies. It provides all the resources needed to create a good, attractive, and fully working website. With eWebGuru, there is no uptime problem. It has a ton of features and gives excellent customer service as well. It is ranked first on our list of the top 5 VPS hosting companies for 2022.


The name of HostGator can’t help but appear on the list of the top 5 VPS hosting companies for 2022. It is among the best VPS hosting options and suitable for both inexperienced webmasters and those creating advanced websites. Its website-building software has a 99.99% uptime rate and is very helpful.


One of the top hosting plans in the VPS hosting market is offered by SiteGround, a fantastic hosting provider. It is ideal for VPS services and has excellent essential characteristics. It has a competent 24/7 customer support crew, and their overall uptime is very outstanding. With SiteGround, webmasters have a choice of server locations and receive a free CDN for faster loading times.


In comparison to the standard price of its plans, Hostinger offers rather substantial reductions. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these special rates are only available to new clients; after the initial term, the usual rate will apply.

For instance, you would spend $2.59 a month for the first 12 months if you choose Hostinger’s Premium shared hosting plan. The price of your plan will renew at $5.99 per month after this initial term, though (unless you choose to cancel your renewal).


If you’ve outgrown a shared hosting plan, a VPS (virtual private server) plan is often the next step up. However, when you purchase a VPS plan, particularly an unmanaged version, you are now in charge of a lot of the server system administration tasks that were formerly handled by the web host.

A2 has managed and unmanaged VPS hosting services, with the managed alternatives naturally costing more.


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